Thursday, March 21, 2013

Brides Often Regret Not Spending More on Wedding Photography

Story by Michael Zhang - Petapixel

If you’re set to get married soon and are in the process of planning for the big day, here’s a tip that might save you from some sadness further down the road: don’t go cheap on the photography if you can help it. It turns out that spending too little on photography is one of the biggest regrets brides have after their wedding, while spending too much rarely causes remorse.
For a wedding issue that will soon be hitting newsstands, New York Magazine created an infographic titled “What They Would Have Done Differently.” The magazine asked one hundred recent brides about what they’d do differently if they could go back in time.

As you can see from the two polls above, photography is huge on most brides’ lists.

21% of those polled wished they had spent more money on their wedding photography. Only 12% wished they had spent less.
If you think the sample size is too small, or that the results don’t reflect reality, get this: Shutterfly found the exact same thing when it polled 500 recent brides back in 2011. They too found that 21% of brides wished they had spent more on photography.
All this just goes to show that while many of the things that happen at a wedding won’t be remembered in the long run, photos and videos that result can have a big impact on memories and happiness for many years to come.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Modesto Wedding Photographers - Engagement session of Ryan & Lynell

Christmas time engagement session!
Veronica and I had a great time as we spent the afternoon photographing Ryan and Lynell, their awesome photoshoot took place in gold country near Sonora Ca.
It was an afternoon full of laughs and jokes. We were even lucky enough that in the middle of our shoot we stumbled across one of the best authentic tamale street vendors ever!, such a treat, cold afternoon,....warm tamales, it was great.
We are very fortunate to have met and become friends with this wonderful, fun loving, kind hearted couple. I am very much looking forward to celebrating their wedding.
Ryan and Lynell will wed on March 23rd, 2013 on the beautiful grounds of The River Mill, near Lathrop, Ca.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Halee and Joel's wedding

On August 12th, 2012, Halee and Joel were married on the banks of the San Joaquin River at the Old Fisherman's Club near Modesto, CA.
The unique venue is rich in history, walls adorned with pictures of club member's and their adventures that date back to the early 1940's.
It was a pleasure to keep in close communication with Halee for almost one year prior, she filled me in on all the wedding planning details as they transpired. I had not met Joel until wedding day, but because of Halee's stories, it felt as if I already knew her highly decorated Marine come wedding day.
Thank you Halee and Joel, it was a pleasure meeting your families and all your close friends.
We wish you the best.

Cool Testimonial from Amy and Mark

We couldn't be happier with how our "big day" pictures turned out. We had a blast working with Louie and his lovely wife, Veronica. They were more than willing to deal with my crazy family and even hike through a cow pasture for us.
We starting calling Louie a "ninja with a camera". It is amazing how he manages to be everywhere and capture every event of the day, from the big kiss to the quiet moment shared with a friend. He captures it all, in the most beautiful way.
- Mark and Amy Bettincourt

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Wedding of Amy & Mark

Amy & Mark's beautiful wedding took place at Double T Acres near the little town of Stevinson CA. On June 23rd 2012, venue owners Tony and Carol Azevedo hosted Amy & Mark's family and 200+ of their closest friends.
Double T Acres is an amazing place, complete with horse carriages, jail cell, historic trains, and old west building facades so accurately depicted that the ranch's main street could easily be used as the backdrop for a Tombstone movie.
Thank you so much Mark and Amy for choosing us to take part in your magical day.
Best wishes - Photo209

Monday, November 12, 2012

Aaron and Meredith Wed

On June 9th, 2012, Meredith and Aaron were married on the beautiful grounds of "Pageo Lavender Farm", located on the southern outskirts of Turlock California. We love photographing at this venue because the property structures are so unique and well-kept.

Almost an entire year before the wedding we had photographed Aaron and Meredith's engagement session, since then I had been looking forward to their wedding, I knew it would be an easy going fun event because they are such nice, low-key, and easy to work with couple.

Thank you Meredith and Aaron for allowing us to be take part in your amazing wedding!

Best wishes to the both of you - Photo209

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The wedding of Raj & Sonny

Raj & Sonny were married on Saturday May 5th, 2012 at the Sikh Temple in Turlock California. The wedding dress was hand picked by Raj and her mother on a trip they had made to India earlier in the year. The dress was absolutely beautiful, bold brilliant colors, incredible ornate details,……I hope the following images do it justice.
I would like to sincerely thank Raj, Sonny, and their families, especially the relatives from Canada, for being so kind to us and so willing to take us in and teach us about their wonderful culture.

Best wishes for the both of you - Photo209

Be sure to pick-up the 2012 summer/fall edition of "Bridal Couture Magazine", Raj and Sonny’s wedding is featured in the publication.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Wedding of Robert and Megan

Robert and Megan were married in Modesto California on May 12th, 2012.
Veronica and I initiated their wedding day coverage with bride and groom prep at the beautiful DoubleTree Hotel.
Their pre-wedding and bridal party pictures were centered around Modesto's downtown bus station, formally a fully functional train depot. Why the train station?,.....trains have significant emotional meaning for Megan because the train transport industry is where her father worked most of his life. Although no trains stop at the station any longer, locomotives continue to use the adjacent existing rails to move their cargo up and down the central valley. We had a big thrill during their photoshoot because we were lucky enough to catch a train passing through while we were photographing. In one of the images below you can see the rail cars flying by in the background, the picture was not photo-shoped,...... the train is actually rumbling by with all it's power behind Megan and Robert at about 50mph.
Their classy ceremony and reception was hosted at the magnificent Galletto's Ristorante on Modesto's famous "J" street.
Thank you Robert and Megan for everything. You, your family, and friends were incredible.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Drew & Veronica's e-session

Drew and V, I must thank you again for the incredibly good time I had during your engagment photo shoot. Your outgoing jovial personalities had me laughing the entire time. It was awesome!
Working with Drew and V remind me of why I enjoy this profession so much, photography is not just about the technical or artistic, it is more about the people and the new friends you make.
I love this couple and cannot wait for their wedding.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The wedding of Karina & Nathan

Perhaps the wedding of the year?
Karina and Nathan's wedding ceremony took place at a small church near the little town of Escalon, California. Their reception was hosted on the grounds of a local dairy farm that literally has a three acre oasis on the property. Yes,......Borges Ranch, out in the middle of nowhere has a lush little jungle nestled amongst it's rolling hills. It was gorgeous. I am very lucky to have been given the opportunity to photograph a wedding in such a unique setting.
Here you have just a few of their images.
Karina and Nathan,.......I sincerly thank you for placing your long distance trust and allowing V and I to take part in such an important day in your lives. We wish you the very best.